Transit Oriented Development

As the traffic conditions in Long Island continue to become increasingly worse many people are looking to TOD as a solution to increase their quality of life. The Bay Shore train station is the last train station to Penn without a transfer that can be accomplished in under an hour. Bay Shore also goes to Montauk without a transfer. According to a report from NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer full time workers in New York City have longer work weeks than those in 29 other major U.S. cities and spend about two hours more per week commuting. By living at the Gramercy much of the traffic burden can be eliminated with the mass transit commute. Walk down to your private lounge while waiting for the train and walk out the platform on to the train and be in the city in about an hour - no car, no parking issues, no traffic, no battling weather conditions, thus saving hours and money per day. Gramercy Bay is also walking distance to downtown Bay Shore and the Ferry to Fire Island.

Increase your savings account and quality of life by moving into the Gramercy Bay.